Smart door lock attractive a few reasons

by:Level      2020-07-03
Smart door lock as the product of an era of science and technology, well adapted to the modern society with fast rhythm, with it, the grade of the life are increased. So, what are smart door lock attraction? 1. C + multiple smart home alarm security anti-theft lock core is in the first place, smart locks with anti-theft lock core C level, can largely improve the security of door lock, lock effectively prevent technology; There are multiple sensor alarm as well as trial and error alarm, pry alarm, etc. , can also be timely push to the mobile phone to remind owners. 2. Diversified lock mode, life easier smart door lock has diversified way of lock, fingerprint, password, keys, CARDS, mobile phone APP, small programs, NFC, remote authorization or temporary password, etc. , can choose for yourself or your family use the way of the lock door lock, reduce key leads to all sorts of trouble, improve the well-being of life. 3. Full of fashionable feeling appearance level intelligence door lock in appearance is also a major bright spot, door lock has a different style, different types of intelligence can be contracted, luxury, fashion, restore ancient ways. To ensure material, on the basis of all sorts of color collocation, draw on elements of fashion and trend, let look more handsome.
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