Smart door lock body do you understand?

by:Level      2020-07-04
Nowadays, more and more community and home users to choose to use smart door lock. For smart door lock, the lock body is more important, so what's the type of lock body or how to distinguish? First of all, smart door lock body can be divided into mechanical lock body and electronic lock body. Compared with mechanical lock body, electronic lock body has the clutch, the lock tongue operation requires clutch drive. If remove the violence, even lock circuits are destroyed, the clutch will be automatically locked, unable to open the lock body. Electronic lock body life longer than the traditional mechanical lock body, high safety and stability. And ordinary lock body and automatic lock body. Ordinary lock body type is used to hold hand smart door locks, and automatic lock body is used for automatic intelligent door locks, or simply identify fingerprint password after way, the lock tongue will automatically open, do not need to push door or press the handle, in the same way, to lock the door, the lock tongue up automatically.
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