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by:Level      2020-07-03
Smart door lock is recognized by more and more families and use, in order to get rid of key annoyance, buy a smart door lock is a must choice. But most of the people understanding of intelligent door locks in its only heard that, the news on the net, etc. , when the choose and buy will have many choices, to share a few practical guidelines below. 1. Don't buy expensive, as long as the right. Right is the smart door lock on the function to meet the need of daily life habit, after-sale are guaranteed quality, moderate price. The price of most of the intelligent door locks are between one thousand and two thousand. 2. Quality is guaranteed, stable function. Door lock for the importance of self-evident, so the quality and stability have to have certain security, not too pursuit of new technology and new pattern, reduce the security hidden danger. 3. Reliable after-sale. No matter where to buy smart door locks, its reliable after sales service is necessary. After-sales service including installation and maintenance, etc. , although the quality and stability of the intelligent door locks all pass, also will inevitably happen some small problem, which requires timely carry out later to solve the problem. 4. Don't beg more luxuriant appearance, but to be able to bear or endure look. Now many of the items must have a certain level in appearance, to attract more consumers, though practical, durability is essential, but the appearance can also affect the consumer choice, don't have to be followed the trend, but have to be able to bear or endure look.
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