Smart door lock dealers meet customer too expensive?

by:Level      2020-07-04
Customer is too expensive, it is a very normal, very common things, and even their shopping, often also feel some commodity prices are too expensive. Especially smart door lock market, thousands of smart door lock brand, lead to too much low-cost intelligent lock on the market, so in this too smart lock price is too high, what should you do? 1. Judgment, the purpose of customers think our products are expensive, generally there are two kind of situations: within the budget itself or purely compare prices. These could be obtained from the communication with customer information. If the former, you can talk about using smart locks before and after contrast, highlight the utility of smart door lock; If the latter, to highlight the advantages of their products, characteristics, etc. 2. Determine customer requirements of customers to see the product, or there is a demand, or is simply to look at, are interested in it, want to learn about. For which the customer, because have not formed real needs, to promote their products and stores to give priority to, he can understand the product, and have enough good impression to your shop, when he has a demand, big probability will go to your shop. 3. Good attitude and sincere when introduced intelligent door locks, regardless of whether customers are interested, if there is demand, should not be exaggerated, honest communication with customers at the same time, help customers to understand and sell-through rate will gradually increase. Even if you cannot make a deal, its reputation will also make a good impression to the customer, become the potential customers.
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