Smart door lock discharge appearance, its essential characteristic is what?

by:Level      2020-07-03
Today's smart door lock market, only smart door lock brand has more than three thousand, the appearance of the full of beautiful things in eyes, diversified functions, its price also has a large gap, several hundred yuan to several thousand dollars, the same function, have different ways of publicity, let a person dazzling, it is difficult to choose. So if intelligence door lock off the beautiful appearance, what are the characteristics of its essence? The first is safety. Whether the traditional mechanical lock or smart door locks, constant is to safeguard the safety of the family property. Smart door lock to protect the family property safety, have to guard against the thief thief unlocked, the thief is commonly used technical unlock, and following steal passwords, etc. , and C level on the market at present has good effect to prevent technical lock anti-theft lock core; And of course the corresponding prevent password been breached the hypocrisy of the password techniques, to prevent false fingerprints of semiconductor recognition and sensing alarm, etc. Safety, of course, also including smart door lock itself, to resist external danger at the same time, not one trouble or even damage to the home. Indoor unable to open the door, for example, in an emergency can't escape in time, this is related to quality and stability of the lock itself. The purpose of the smart door locks, bring to the life is convenient. All sorts of convenient way to open the door, is to liberate the mechanical key limitations, solve because mechanical keys and cause all the trouble with life, lighten the burden of out into our; Achieve real convenience, need good quality intelligence door lock. While many locks for poor material on the market, technology is not stable, lead to the door often fail, let many people reduce for smart door lock credibility. Smart door lock is in accordance with the rhythm and the pursuit of modern. Now the mainstream is after 80, 90, after their knowledge level is higher, the pursuit of high quality of life, to accept new technology products. A good smart door lock, have the function of the personalized design, also accord with the modern's aesthetic appearance, simple, the atmosphere, the locks can meet the functional requirements, also can meet the needs of the senses. Smart door lock in operation, and voice navigation prompt functions, is quite simple. Safe, convenient, and can meet the demand, has these characteristics, smart door locks can be accepted by people, into more families.
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