Smart door lock how to choose? Domestic or imported

by:Level      2020-07-03
As people's living standards continue to improve, anti-theft security consciousness gradually enhanced, using smart door lock is also more and more of the family. But for some people, will prefer foreign smart door lock products brand, so, choose domestic product good or abroad? Actually embarks from the actual situation, in the domestic, domestic brand of smart door lock is better than foreign brands, why? There are a few points: 1. The domestic research and development of intelligent door locks from domestic actual conditions, the performance of the smart door lock products are according to the daily habits of people, specialized research and development production of products for domestic consumers. 2. Inside the lock structure including lock body, is also the match of domestic most of the doors, security doors, gate, etc. , install more convenient, because there will be no door and the door lock does not match the causes or lock damage problem. 3. Domestic smart door lock products price also has the advantage, more importantly, after-sale guaranteed to be timely after-sales service, the use of smart door lock experience is better.
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