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by:Level      2020-07-03
Internet +, the wisdom of life antenna has reached every household to use the door lock. Previously, smart door locks, security locks, electronic door locks, etc mainly used in places such as office building, hotel, now with the increase of family security requirements and the popularity of intelligent products, household door lock has become intelligent controlling the market. Recently, smart door lock products emerge in endlessly, strives for perfection in terms of intelligence and security. Intelligence hugely profitable control smart home entrance door lock market intelligence door lock with the mobile Internet, smart phones, such as technology, product popularization, also arises at the historic moment in the wave of intelligent. How to define smart door lock? The problem at the moment, still no accurate, answer. , intellectual industry research institute according to the report, smart door locks now belongs to a new things, and industry standards have not form a unified product form, but its market prospect can be expected. In 2015, the global intelligent lock with annual sales of $3. 5 billion, in Japan and South Korea, intelligent lock accounted for more than 70% of the country's civil lock market, apartment intelligence lock utilization rate is as high as 90%, South Korea, Europe and the United States intelligence also account for 50% of the market, civil lock lock intelligent lock just started in our country, great market space. At present, the domestic lock industry with annual sales of more than 40 billion, and locks the market will be rapid growth at a speed of more than 20% per year on average. Physical access control market investigation and study also shows that more than 70% of the respondents think that end users and 80% of the industry, in the next three to five years, they want to mobile phone, key card, label or certificate card and so on way to replace the traditional way to open the door. The study is further evidence that the market demand of intelligent locks in the constantly expanding, as long as grasp the good development there is a big money. With the deepening of the market, to intelligent household ecosystem has become a smart door lock industry trend in the future. If the entry of the smart TV is a family entertainment, so smart door lock to intelligent household industry as gatekeepers. According to the market analysis, the intelligent locks or give priority to in order to guard against theft, and the key problem of the intelligent security door lock is that safety must be effectively guaranteed. The second is to let the user more simple and convenient to use the product, the convenience is safe, reliable and good. Third, for the listing of the most serious problems of the intelligent lock products is the use of smart locks is not stable, the performance of real-time alarm, especially the effectiveness of the alarm is very low, after several invalid alarm will allow the user to lose confidence in products, stable product is the basis of confidence. Fourth, intelligent should improve cost performance, the use of power, the higher cost performance of intelligent security lock. Intelligence is to make the product more and more in line with the user's aesthetic. Smart door lock bearing the wisdom of life, the entry value will also continue to dig. In fact, many intelligent door locks, development, production enterprises in production and sales of intelligent door locks at the same time, also hope to do more intelligent life an important entry. For example, after the invention invention team of smart door lock docking large data analysis function, in everyday use, smart door locks as intelligent life entrance, using data accumulation door lock, behind the data, can be used in the mining consumer, security requirements, etc. , and the product use in institutions and enterprises meeting rooms and other places, is to know the meeting room and so on efficiency, provide data support for the enterprise cost control. In addition, there are smart door lock products can pass the data accumulation, build community service platform, using data to make the same plot user can easily about the ball and about lift, etc. It is because of intelligent door locks are carrying the wisdom of life infinite possibility, makes many entrepreneurial teams, Internet enterprise cluster intelligence door lock industry such as the nuggets.
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