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by:Level      2020-07-15
Lock industry increase in imports and domestic market demand for high-end products continues to grow, make more and more international brands to enter the Chinese market, will bring huge challenges domestic companies. But the overall level of China's lock industry processing equipment compared with the international advanced level still has a gap, the medium mechanical lock is still the main product, the lack of high level scientific and technological personnel and management personnel, the risk resistance ability of the enterprise. To this end, our system locks enterprises should actively adopt new technology, new material, new technology, new equipment, improve the level of the industry as a whole. To attach importance to product quality, to improve enterprise management level, backward production technology, improve staff quality basis, with excellent products to meet the challenge. Smart homes and smart lock has a long history in the field of smart home, the door is after the light bulb and a broad audience products, a large number of manufacturers to join very quickly promoted the development speed, also let consumers have a wide range of products to choose from. Production and consumer, China is a large category of domestic lock industry with annual sales of more than 40 billion, and locks the market will be rapid growth at a speed of more than 20% per year on average. According to the survey of physical access control market research shows that more than 70% of the respondents think that end users and 80% of the industry, in the next three to five years, they want to mobile phone, key card, label or certificate card and so on way to replace the traditional way to open the door. The study is further evidence that the smart home market demand growing, kinds of industry to enter the intelligent pattern, must borrow by intelligent locks medium. From the Angle of form a complete set of door factory, whether the customer is the real estate industry, hotel or rental management, intelligent door locks can rise the standard management, easy to use and the function of the compression cost. From a consumer point of view, in today's family life growing, safe and convenient door lock products become a pressing need. In the pursuit of high quality at the same time, more need to keep pace with The Times of the product, even at high prices mail-order smart door lock from abroad. Thus it can be seen that modern door industry to provide supporting intelligent household door lock products, has been a large market demand. It is understood that the 3 - in the future Five years, with the strengthening of the Internet, the development trend of intelligent household, door companies to cooperate with a new generation of intelligent lock enterprise integration, the further development of will. High sensitivity to the market, industry level and innovation consciousness of a door, will also be under the influence of the thinking of the Internet, aimed at 80, 90, after the consumer demand, the use of mobile end product business opportunities, industry chain partners the choice of differentiation, the choice of forward-looking smart lock accessories, full range products, marketing, service, branding.
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