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by:Level      2020-07-03
Intelligent household. Intelligent lock at the door through the cloud of home wireless router is directly connected, so the cloud had just said lock function, can also be stored online, can listen in remote. And all the function of the fingerprint identification ability. This is the application of independent set. Still have a kind of application, combined with traditional intercom. Recognition machine can monitor, for example can alarm, lighting, control, so these scenarios can interact. Through the fingerprint lock, password lock, card or is one of the traditional key to open. Face recognition have a camera, video camera in a normal position, face recognition. At the same time through after the clouds, can use the APP to open. Guests at the door click, at the same time, through the 4 g network can answer the call, hear the door can be unlocked. APP intercom unlock directly, such as a child to go home, you can through the fingerprint door, this is a kind of application. There may be no entry if it is the old man to go home, fingerprint, fingerprint breakage is bad to use, directly click the call button, the family see father at the door, can open the lock. It is through the intercom. When the visit relatives and friends, also can share a temporary key. The key of time can be set. This is normal way. For example someone at the door, can through the camera to capture, found the problem, you can directly to the phone. By this time the owner directly point to monitor the autumn harvest, can see the door directly. This is a kind of application. Fully in the process of operation has the voice prompt, backlit Settings, key feedback information design. Products through the cloud, there is so much to open the door, but is one to one, the lock can be bound 20 cell phone. Such as the host and hostess can use mobile control. A device can be bound 20 cell phone. Mobile terminal setting time can only authorized fingerprints, password to him, the mobile phone part is useless, can also support the second application. Capacity parameters in household products can register into two hundred faces, 20 fingerprint, which is designed for smart door lock in the field of smart home applications. The office scene. When put the product to the office area, do not want every time a door closed, automatic padlock. Can after you have opened the door in the morning, once the set period of time to let it in the open state, such as work in the morning 9 to 17 points in this paragraph, go to work time is the open state, convenient staff directly into it. In this part of the software, the program can have such a set. Future in the office who parameters can be set. All of the panel can be replaced, but there is a requirement, the panel need to lift, then padlock, to support so that it can be compatible. In fingerprint and charge way can upgrade for iterative ability of recognition. In addition to the conventional password, fingerprint, if there are any problems at the same time, a call directly to the front desk. So on office space, combining use of mode, it management office in a few doors down, or the door is more suitable. This is where new applications. Application scenarios in public places. If the network is bad, public housing, short rent can use this lock? In fact, it is compatible. The owner for the tenant, can again set a deadline, tell tenant, the face off, here's the time for the failure. So after the tenant go, lock is failure. If it is put in the home, this scenario can be directly used to the lock. Village in public places, refers to the public places such as community have a swimming pool, or a library. Bought a year when the owners of the community public access service. In this time period, when they walk in the local authorized to enter mobile phone shake, or a key bluetooth to open the door, as can the password to open the door. Time is up, the closing of the permissions.
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