Smart door lock in the fingerprint safe?

by:Level      2020-07-02
Fingerprint identification of the smart door lock is unlocked many people use a way to unlock, especially now the more popular a hold open design, fingerprint identification and press the handle to open the door to connect together, it is more convenient to open the door. So, smart door locks in the fingerprint lock security? Currently use more biometric technology, fingerprint identification is a kind of relatively mature technology, use more widely. And fingerprint uniqueness in biological characteristics is very good, basic does not exist two people of the same fingerprint. At the same time, now use semiconductor identification is higher than optical fingerprint security, can effectively prevent false fingerprints. Many people think of fingerprint unlock unsafe because of movies for fingerprint steal too simple, actually want in reality in the case of people don't fit for complete fingerprint is very difficult, and there is a high cost, the situation in the movie the basic won't appear in your life. So smart door lock of the fingerprint identification is a safe way to open the lock, and smart door lock has the corresponding indexes, the deterrent rate and false reject rate as long as it is in accordance with the standard production of smart door lock brand enterprise, its quality and stability is guaranteed.
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