Smart door lock 'in tide lock' hits, remind the user of this a few configuration standards!

by:Level      2020-07-05
Smart door lock for all aspects of advantage, be popular more and more familiar, more and more families want to change to improve the quality of life of intelligent door locks, started to enter the domestic intelligence door lock 'in tide lock'. However, a new problem is baffled many users to, that is smart door lock body size is how much, and his home security doors adapter? Actually, smart door locks in the size of the production has strict standards, not only need to meet the national standards, still need to accord with the actual situation of domestic security doors. And smart locks lock body within the specification, standard according to the size of the intelligent door locks, user requirements, respectively, with different size requirements, must conform to the actual installation usage scenario. Today, to teach you how to change a match the home guard against theft of smart door lock. A smart locks, measurement requirements to adapt to the thickness of door of guard against theft that is in the 40 mm - 120 mm range, in 40 mm - for thickness 60 mm between the common security door is completely meet the requirements of adaptation. In addition to the thickness of the door, still need to measure the guide plate length, width of guide plate, guide plate style, measurement data should be accurate to mm. Through this set of data to determine the size of your original lock body, match the appropriate lock body. Two, lock body configuration is generally equipped with four kinds of lock body for you to choose from, including except wood door lock body with heaven and earth, all with the other three items. Guide plate size, respectively is: the standard lock body: 24 * 240 ( mm) Wooden door lock body: 24 * 240 ( mm) ( There is no heaven and earth hook) * 210 (33 Wang Lisuo body: mm) Overlord lock body: 40 * 388 ( mm) Three, open the door direction in addition to measuring data, also need to confirm for security door open direction, facilitate outbound before adjust the smart door lock handle direction in advance and save the installation personnel installation time. On the basis of standing outside. The handle on the left or right, to pull or push the door. Comprehensive the above situation is one of the following four possible: four, if there is a heaven and earth hook hook is heaven and earth in addition to the main lock tongue, when locked up and down the door have a lock tongue play out, whether can from the top and bottom of the door have a lock tongue hole to judge. Confirmed the above three smart door locks, after the requirements of quickly measuring their locks data as required, communicate with customer service and buy! !
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