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by:Level      2020-07-05
In the era of the smart home, intelligent door locks, with its characteristics of the smart, convenient, safe, beautiful by the consumers, more and more friends begin to buy smart door lock this kind of lock as the safety of every line of defense. When purchasing a smart door lock back, face is the installation of intelligent door locks, after installed, can be the use of formal. But the last small make up have to introduce the door can be installed smart door lock? This is to introduce smart door lock installed a how to confirm the size? Confirm: 1, the door thickness in 38 mm - door thickness requirements 55 mm, special requirements can be deal with according to special requirements. ( To different requirements, the thickness of the door lock screw length and generous shaft, small square shaft, mechanical dial the slice of the length of the key requirements are different, should explain to factory when ordering. ) 2, decent plate size confirmation: standard configuration is 24 X 240 ( mm) , refitting the old door, if the lock tongue panel hole not 24 mm X 240 mm, please order first. ( The thickness of the door must be longer than a decent plate size, otherwise cannot power door lock body, can't install smart door lock) Width 3, installation location confirmed: the installation of the smart door lock width generally has two kinds: big lock core is 100 mm less, small lock core is 110 mm less. Note: smart locks the door width refers to the door to the width of the lock body on the door. Such as: the middle is the stainless steel glass door, the door of the plane is less than 100 mm, lock will not come up or lock up and lock body pressure to the glass. 4, to demand the smart locks are generally installed in security doors, wooden doors and stuff, but weak on the glass door. Outlined in the above content, it is smart door lock installation size and request confirmation method, this method is only for reference.
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