Smart door lock is more expensive than security doors, the money should spend?

by:Level      2020-07-05
Many people are considering buying smart door locks, there is doubt, smart door lock is more precious than security doors, so, what is important or smart door lock security doors? This money should spend? In fact, doors and locks are important, but relatively speaking, more important than the door lock. In fact, the thief thief can steal the success, most of them are cracked lock in, if broke in and movement is too large, easily be found. Crack locks are different, however, is similar to the use of class A and class B in the market now lock anti-theft lock, if you are not locked, only A few minutes for the thief can open. So, the key to guard against theft or lock. A good smart door locks, anti-theft lock is C level, to more than 270 minutes of the technical time, tie-in explosion-proof pry proof lock body at the same time; On its functional safety, living fingerprint identification, prevent theft fingerprint and a password to prevent peeping, and fingerprint password trial and error alarm, etc. , let the thief away. In have better safety performance than traditional locks at the same time, the convenience of picking methods also facilitates people's life, not to be caused by a variety of distress for a key, make life more beautiful. Smart door lock price may be more expensive than security doors, but for family members and the security of the property, the money to spend.
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