Smart door lock let life get convenience

by:Level      2020-07-03
Science and technology change life, smart door lock is one of the examples. The popularity of intelligent door locks, to many people's lives has brought great convenience, enrich the life. Don't know if you have ever tried and forgot to bring my keys and the result is to lock the door outside the tragic experience. I belong to the kind of person who is forgetful and often forgot to take my keys or left in the office or the cause of the loss and locked outside the door, can only wait for the family back to open the door. Since replaced smart door locks, don't have to worry about whether every time go out to bring my keys. Diversified way to open the door, I can follow choice: fingerprints, password, WeChat applet, NFC, etc. , can complete the unlock. Even in the dry winter, dry finger desquamate influence fingerprint identification, still can use the password or cell phone to unlock. No one at home but have friends and relatives to visit, don't worry, can share a temporary password to open the door, greatly convenient for me this is a lazy person, reduce the travelling back and forth.
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