Smart door lock maintenance guide

by:Level      2020-06-30
In the past, each home do clean sanitation, will do good every corner of the home, the home appliance equipment, etc. And this year is different, daily cleaning maintenance need more than a place, that is newly installed smart door lock. Smart door lock as a household electronic products, its life is closely related to daily life habits, regular maintenance and maintenance is needed to make its use for a long time, to protect the safety of home, convenient to our life. Smart door lock factory tell you below, in what ways do the maintenance and maintenance. The first is the fingerprint collection device. For smart door locks, fingerprint lock should be a way to unlock the more frequently used, but use, is easy to leave some stain, the stain will not only affect the sensitivity of fingerprints, also for a long time may cause damage. This needs to clean up the fingerprint collection device on a regular basis, cleaning procedure is relatively simple, using a soft dry cloth to wipe gently. Note that do not use corrosive substances or wet cloth to wipe, seeping into the internal of the corrosive or water droplets and the damage of the fingerprint acquisition instrument. The second is the handle. For hand type smart door lock, press the handle, is one of the necessary action to open the door. Although the configuration of the free hand to a certain extent to protect the handle of the life, but in the daily, attention should be paid to the handle is not hanging items, at the same time press or nor too hard to handle, to protect its flexibility. If discover its loose, it is impossible to free to remove the unprofessional can contact after-sales personnel for maintenance. The emergence of intelligent door locks, let us open without the life of the key, but also retain the mechanical keyhole, for a rainy day. This keyhole needs regular use of mechanical key to plug and unlock operation, ensure the smooth and can complete the lock. If a plug is not smooth, but with a little pencil, and then to plug operation. One should pay attention to is the battery. Regular maintenance, can open the battery cover to check, by the way, especially in the south of plum rains season, more attention should be paid to check, such as leakage happens, damage is not only a battery box, also may be the circuit board. In smart door lock after low battery alarm, need to replace the new battery as soon as possible, in order to avoid completely without power, cause unnecessary trouble. Please do not put the old and new batteries or different brands of batteries to mix. Smart door lock without key convenient life give us, we also need on a regular basis for maintenance and cleaning, can not only maintain its beautiful sex for a long time, reduce the occurrence of fault, also can give the home agent for a long time to accompany and security!
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