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by:Level      2020-07-31
In B end markets, apartment, hotel and other fields is many new Internet intelligent locks the enterprise target market, according to data shows, the current domestic rental housing 70 million sets, plus a huge number of hotel market, customer demand for intelligent door locks have strong these B. For C terminal market, according to domestic household intelligence door lock is more than 2 million, 2016, the growth rate of more than 40%. Smart door lock in some countries, the penetration rate is as high as 50% or more in a foreign country, but only 2% in China, there are a lot of upside, smart door lock industry development prospects in the coming years is bigger, is a huge blue ocean market. Many companies are also aimed at the broad market, introduction of intelligent fingerprint lock products. Intelligent lock industry real value lies in its vertical dig in smart home & other; Entrance & throughout; Potential. For the whole intelligent lock industry, 2016 is & other; Throughout the wind to the &; , expected capital by 2017, highlighting, industry & other; Tuyere throughout the &; Really coming, finally in 2019 can form & other; The head brand & throughout; Benefit segmentation market pattern. Nowadays, an increasingly competitive intelligence door lock market in China, market products is also gradually mature, as a branch in the intelligent household, there will be more families increase the demand for smart door locks, its development potential is huge and vast.
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