Smart door lock networking technology overview

by:Level      2020-07-02
Smart door lock of the whole network for a typical Internet of three layer structure, namely, perception layer, transport layer and application layer. The perception layer is composed of intelligent locks and intelligent mobile phone APP, the transport layer include family intelligent gateway and mobile communication base stations, etc. , the application layer is the smart locks cloud platform. Shown below is now common networking scheme of intelligent door locks, different models of different locks often choose one or more of the following network connection. In the perception layer, due to the limitation of power consumption, most intelligent door locks, power is supplied by batteries is the main communication mode with bluetooth, ZigBee, NB - IoT, 433 MHZ and 315 MHZ. Also some locks conditional use ac power supply, this kind of door lock usually adopt WIFI way to communicate with the cloud. In the transport layer, its communication mode mainly has used broadband ( WIFI/Ethernet) And the mobile communication ( 3G/4G) 。 In the application layer, namely intelligent door locks the cloud services, is mainly responsible for intelligence door lock device access, authentication, logic control, data analysis and presentations, etc. The intelligent locks mainly deployed on the cloud, the cloud service such as ali cloud, AWS, Azure cloud, etc. , and tencent and the manufacturer's own private cloud. Users in the installation of fixed password intelligence door lock, need to lock initialization, and complete the password, the password is stored in the smart door lock solid storage space, also uploaded to the cloud for storage. When user unlock password on door lock, if the input password is consistent with the preset password, can open the door. Temporary password lock mode in temporary password lock mode, the head of the household will be through the phone APP from the cloud gets the current time temporary password lock, and through the SMS, WeChat or cell phone APP, including temporary password will be sent to the visitors. Visitors after input to receive temporary password locked, locks the password will be automatically generated with the clouds of the current period, comparing the temporary password if successful, the lock. Biological key lock mode at present, the commonly used and stable and reliable smart door lock on the market a biometric fingerprint, palmprint, iris and face, etc. This kind of door lock in the process of installation, fingerprints, palm, iris and face will be initialized to the biological characteristics, such as smart locks solid-state storage or in the cloud. When users open the lock, lock need to collect the user's fingerprint, palmprint, iris and facial features, and traditional compared to the cloud and the initialization characteristics, if contrast is successful, the lock. A smart card key to open the lock mode used in intelligent smart card lock unlock mainly include RFID card, NFC card and three types of CPU card, the door lock is mainly used in hotels and apartment, etc. Using RFID card door locks, access control management system will written on behalf of the card in the RFID card id string, in the lock, lock extract the string in the RFID card, comparing to the cloud and transmission, contrast is successful, the lock. Using NFC card and CPU card door locks, access control management system will be written in the NFC card and CPU card on behalf of the card status of private and public keys, when the lock, the card through the door with the cloud two-way authentication, if authentication is successful, the door to receive the cloud unlock instructions, open the door. Mobile phone APP lock mode using mobile phone APP unlock door lock, in the process of initialization, the cloud will lock with a specified binding on the phone APP. When users open the lock, the user complete identity authentication in the APP, and then click the unlock button on the mobile phone, smart door locks will receive the lock to the cloud issued by instruction, and then open the door.
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