Smart door lock of choose and buy should choose what material?

by:Level      2020-07-13
For smart locks need to see material and the choose and buy should select the shape and color, a door, smart door lock of material is important, after all, smart door lock is exposed if material is not good time for a long time will be damaged. So smart locks the choose and buy should choose what material of intelligence door lock manufacturer to tell you the pursuit of high-grade locks market increased both at home and abroad, has caused the attention of many manufacturers, and plans to practice actively. They all thought, smart door locks, cotter industry in China is completely have the ability to do something in this respect. For smart door lock style, the choice of one man's meat is another man's poison, this part is bad. In general, the material, function, appearance and color. Currently on the market intelligence door lock body material is given priority to with stainless steel and zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy, titanium alloy. If it is door must choose stainless steel or zinc alloy, if is chamber door, such as bedroom can doesn't matter. Surface treatment way also is very crucial, some luxury product appearance looks beautiful, but the user to buy home use after a period of time will find his hand or any other place there will be a faded sign of often contact, this product is actually a string representation of the user, so consumers must figure out these details before purchase, and good agreement with a manufacturer in advance once appear, the question how to solve, or spend thousands of dollars to buy back smart door locks, with less than a year began to fade. Now the appearance of the main material is zinc alloy, the process is divided into two kinds: one kind is the process of the lacquer that bake, another is plating; The benefits of the lacquer that bake is better anti senile, but easy to wear away. The plating is not easy to wear away. To the development of the intelligent door locks, the outward appearance has begun from the plastic to the development of stainless steel and zinc alloy, today the mainstream of the material is aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, plentiful and better resistance, not easy to wear away.
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