Smart door lock price is so high, safety guaranteed?

by:Level      2020-07-04
Now smart door lock market, most of the smart door lock price is around one thousand to three thousand, the price compared with the traditional mechanical lock, or on the high side. The price on the high side of intelligent door locks, its safety guaranteed? If the regular brand manufacturers, the answer is yes. For the traditional mechanical lock, in the event of theft, are basically belongs to the technical unlock. The thief for the traditional mechanical lock lock technology is quite mature, security is too low. And normal intelligence door lock brand manufacturer's product, to prevent technical unlock, have very good effect, that is using C anti-theft lock core, the thief in a short period of time, is to open, through technical unlock even quite skilled locksmith, to technical lock anti-theft lock core C level also need a lot of time, high safety coefficient. Second, smart door lock also configured the alarm mode, met the thief to password trial and error, picking, and so on and so forth, there will be a warning sirens, scare or deter the bad guys.
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