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by:Level      2020-07-03
How to solve the problem of installing smart lock. Many smart locks big brand manufacturers, is a training, after-sale installation services but most regions of the country have distributors, so more is solved through a third party platform. Smart door lock battery completely low how to do? If you have the spare mechanical keys in the car or the nearby parents' house, etc. , can go to take back mechanical key to open the door; Or use mobile power via USB external recharged, until it can open the door, opened the door to change in time good battery at the same time. Smart door locks can be installed smart door lock of heaven and earth clasps you most support the heavens and the earth is a hand type, some door also need to match estima lock body. In fact, the role of the hook is also limited, heaven and earth hook is with lock tongue linkage of heaven and earth, if it is technical lock, hook of heaven and earth will open with the lock tongue; And hook in the case of a fire, heaven and earth to rescue will form a certain effect.
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