Smart door lock q&a solve your doubt

by:Level      2020-07-03
Smart door lock is the higher the price, the better? For intelligent door locks, is a proportional relation between cost and price, cost price is higher, the higher the cost, but for most people, don't need that high-end smart door locks, price is a good choice, in contrast, only the amount and type functional differences. Many functions not to be in a lot of people. Smart door locks can be installed hook of heaven and earth? Smart door lock is to support the installation and hook, but limited to hold hand type intelligent door locks, automatic smart door lock could not be achieved. Hook the pros and cons of heaven and earth are obvious, in case of special circumstances of fire rescue. Smart door to door. Both security door and wooden door, only 40 mm - The door between 120 mm thick can be installed. In addition to the thick door, still need to measure the guide plate length, width of guide plate, guide plate style such as data, look to whether eccentric, smart door lock accessories will not be wrong. Similar to the glass door, as the matching door lock, intelligent door locks, such as wooden door is not common to each other.
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