Smart door lock quality

by:Level      2020-07-03
Recently, the state administration of market supervision and management of published a news the market supervision administration of consumer warning about the quality and safety of smart door lock ', this paper points out some smart door lock risk hidden trouble. The full text is as follows: market supervision administration of consumer warning about the quality and safety of smart door lock smart door locks, the quality and safety is directly related to thousands of family property and personal safety. Recently, total bureau of national market supervision organization to carry out the intelligence door lock quality safety risk monitoring, smart door lock products found in the remote unlock and face recognition have a higher risk, in terms of induction card recognition unlock hidden danger is more, in the logical security password, resistance to electromagnetic interference, fingerprint recognition degree of different ground there are hidden dangers. To protect consumer family property safety and personal safety, market supervision administration of prompt consumers, when the choose and buy and use smart door lock products, pay attention to the following points: one is to choose a large store to buy, with good credit note to check the product specification, home site, supplier address, phone, warranty and other certificates and information is complete, the significant evidence such as ask for bill to the businessman when buying. Through the network platform to buy, try to choose production enterprise website or official flagship store to buy online shopping platform. 2 it is found that the risk monitoring on facial recognition and remote unlock function of smart door lock security risk is higher, advised consumers to try not to use or close facial recognition and remote unlock function. Three is recommended to choose which has the function of input error alarm and prevent damage alarm intelligent door locks, when continuous implementation error operation or protection panel when the external force damage, smart door lock should have corresponding alarm signal. Four is in the use of information identification card lock function of intelligent door locks, shall be properly kept well in the daily use information identification card, to prevent illegal read and copy. Five is in the use of digital password lock function, suggest the user to set more than six digital password, do not use consecutive Numbers or the same password. Six is in use with the function of fingerprint identification intelligent door locks, fingerprint identification module should be pay attention to in daily use the existence of residual foreign matter or physical damage, if discover the abnormal fingerprint identification module, should immediately stop using the fingerprint recognition, and contact manufacturer to solve. Seven is in use with mobile application of remote monitoring of intelligent door locks, to strengthen the safety factor of intelligent door locks, suggested to set the login password of a certain intensity and replaced periodically, such as: eight password length, the combination of Numbers and letters, etc. Eight is smart door lock is equipped with emergency unlock function, usually adopts mechanical method emergency open, suggest that consumers will be at least 1 keep emergency unlock key other than the home safety. Nine is suggested to enable combination verify the lock mode, such as using the password + fingerprint, password + dual authentication information identification card, etc. In the current age of the Internet, 'intelligent' scenario to household penetration, smart door locks but also attracts a lot of manufacturers to enter the market. In addition to the traditional home appliance, lock manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturer, Internet companies have also pushed intelligence door lock. Door lock is each family property safety of the first barrier, users the most concern is the safety of the lock. Different smart door lock manufacturers to build selling point with the sole function, cause the fingerprint door lock function on market multifarious, consumers do not know how to identify and choice. Smart door lock has been adhere to the 'quality first, take honestly as this,' the purpose, almost every family property and personal safety. Products using the most advanced aerospace grade titanium alloy material, with high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance of titanium alloy materials. In addition, strong corrosion resistance, fire prevention, prevent electric shock.
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