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by:Level      2020-07-05
Modern Europe and the United States in the family, smart door locks in rate above 80%, the prevalence rate of Korea, Japan, has reached more than 50%, in contrast, domestic throughout rate is relatively low. One of the big problem is that people questions about the safety of smart door lock this emerging locks a worry. But in some domestic residential and office buildings, even many public area have the application of using intelligent door locks. With smart door lock application increasingly throughout, attention also increasingly cause security problems, due to some smart door lock of choose and buy brand is particularly important. Smart door lock safe problem is worth people to pay attention. From the point of application trend, smart door lock has also become room open commercial building form a complete set with the choice of more and more families, so in the face of the market all kinds of intelligent door locks, consumers must bear in mind that the basic knowledge of intelligent door locks the choose and buy, so you can choose the good quality and after-sales service ability of smart door lock brand. 1, security, smart door locks installed smart door locks, should not affect use function of security doors. General mechanical locks significant security hidden danger, smart door locks relatively than the traditional mechanical locks, got a big promotion in terms of security. National mandatory rules, any locks shall be equipped with mechanical key, so everyone in the purchase of intelligent door locks, smart door lock has not been equipped with a mechanical key are fail in the exam. 2, stability, stability is an important index of measuring intelligence door lock, if the installation of the smart door lock three days two head appear problem, is better than using mechanical locks, so consumer intelligence door lock when the choose and buy good choice independent production research and development of the brand. 3, intelligent smart door lock should be very simple operation, don't need to remember too many steps when operate, more should have human voice remind. 4, factory or brand smart door lock brands of choose and buy, it is important to look at the brand of quality and after-sale guarantee.
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