Smart door lock security principle of induction lock

by:Level      2020-08-05
Now induction door lock is not only appear in the hotel, hotel, senior clubs and other places, even the house also gradually using the induction door lock. Such a change, enough to illustrate induction door lock is very convenient and safe. Many people have to the hotel or hotel, etc. Some places are used induction door lock. Believe that they are very curious what on earth is the principle of induction door lock, and see it together. What is the induction door lock? Induction lock, is the use of induction card by microcomputer chip induction to unlock the door lock. It is also called 'hotel lock', is our most commonly used to a kind of intelligent door locks. Induction door lock is composed of three parts. Induction lock, induction, and radio frequency lock door lock system. Of these three parts, the complete induction door lock. Induction door is generally through the infrared emission with induction and current. The principle of induction door lock is locked in the induction of sensors to put the coil, the coil will keep shaking, and then there is a same coil in the induction door, when we take a card, go to the door to the induction door lock, the two coil will be near each other, then the current. At this time to the corresponding signal, such as the door to feedback the information, the door is opened. With the progress of era, the development of science and technology. People is higher and higher requirement for the quality of life, traditional locks already cannot satisfy people for life quality, life convenience and comfort requirements. The emergence of induction door lock, let people more experienced life comfortable and convenient. Induction lock which a few kinds are there? Open this kind of door lock the induction card is divided into two kinds: one kind is contact magnetic stripe card, IC card. This kind of card is the use of digital information and the fit of the characters to unlock, because these important information is recorded in the in the magnetic strip/chip, so the card need to match the card reader to use. In simple terms, the user is in when the lock need to read the card into the card slot, the slot is the card reader; And read the CARDS and the fixed direction, in order to accurately match the fit of the message. Long-term use of induction card can lead to magnetic strip/chip loss or damage, need to be replaced regularly, great drain, has been gradually eliminated by the market. Another is contact TM card, rf card. TM card USES a single wire protocol communications, instant touch to complete the data reading and writing; And radio frequency card is using radio signal identification information, so the two types of induction card don't need a card reader reads, belongs to the non-contact induction card. When the lock, users only need to put the card induction area, near the door can be easily unlocked. Moreover, this kind of card can be controlled by PC card, bringing great management and security work, become today the hotel, hotel, leisure center, golf center such as indispensable security electronic door lock. But induction lock also has a fatal flaw. Lost the card need to carry, also never mind can contact the manufacturer to replace, but were one thousand people with heart and steal, this kind of door lock only card not to recognize people, no matter who as long as take the corresponding induction card read successfully, the risk is very big still. Nowadays, there are many villas and family began to accept contactless induction door lock. Because this kind of induction card contains the communication signals is difficult to copy, copy of the key technologies, is not easy to be cracked, higher safety factor. In addition, compared with other emerging intelligent door locks, price is relatively cheap, replacement of induction lock is also relatively simple, using the threshold low, more easily accepted by the public.
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