Smart door lock sensitive fingerprint identification is not how to solve?

by:Level      2020-07-03
Smart door lock has been gradually popularized in people's life, many families have installed smart door locks, not only to the life more convenient, its safety performance is also better than the traditional mechanical locks. However, there are some areas may encounter a situation in which, the fingerprint identification, identification too would happen, how should solve? Excluding intelligence door lock broken fingerprint, fingerprint identification is not sensitive to more climate dry autumn winter season, and the frequency is higher. Encounter this kind of situation can make finger after wetter in fingerprint identification. 1. Before to fingerprint identification, to breathe of finger, make after wet fingerprint identification can be achieved. 2. In the hair with your fingers or friction on his forehead, and then to unlock. 3. Daily use hand cream, so I can very good maintain the integrity of the fingerprints, are wet. In case of fingerprint identification is not sensitive, of course, is not to use fingerprints to unlock, can use the password, mobile phone and other complete lock unlock way, a fingerprint is only one way, flexible use of it.
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