Smart door lock should be as soon as possible to upgrade to the 'C' class | |

by:Level      2020-07-03
Your home anti-theft security? Yesterday, from our province disappear appoint consumption, according to the prompt of the pair, according to the survey & other; 一个“ 、“ B” Anti-theft lock security level is lower, consumers should change in time & other; C” Lock. Smart door lock according to its security ability, divide common protection level and the level of protection, average level of intelligence door lock letters & other; 一个“ 、“ B” Protective smart door locks, said letters & other; C” Said. A type of intelligent locks prevent technical unlock time not less than 1 minute, prevent the opening time of not less than 15 minutes; B type intelligent locks prevent the lock time not less than five minutes, to prevent impact on not less than 30 minutes. C the prevention technology of intelligent door locks open time of 180 minutes, have send the products by the Ministry of Public Security testing of up to 270 minutes C anti-theft lock safer. So C now use many consumer and safer survey is A type of lock, the lock security decline, even turning circle number, more of A and B type intelligent door locks in the hands of thieves still can be A few seconds break success. After thieves using a common & other; Tinfoil unlock method & throughout; Technology can open A and B smart door lock for A few seconds. Recommended to choose a regular class C smart door lock. Is also a class C smart door lock, also should choose good quality products.
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