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by:Level      2020-07-05
Has more than 20 years' developing smart door locks, the smart door lock products on the market performance and complete in every kind of way to open the door, can meet the demand of People's Daily life. First, smart door locks will have at least two electronic door way and the necessary mechanical key to open the door, use convenient save worry save trouble, the former avoid key problems, which can ensure the electronic after failure can open a door with mechanical key to open the door way. The household intelligent door locks on market usually have fingerprints, password two ways, there are also some mobile phone unlock, remote unusual lock, lock, card lock. In front of the two kinds of basic satisfy all the lock lock mode scenarios, family members can be input fingerprint through smart door lock unlock; Relatives and friends visit, suddenly can be told that their door password; Using smart door lock, have a variety of electronic lock, wouldn't the tragedy by the key missing, even if the password leak, as long as the master delete and change the password, don't need to bear in the lock. If is mobile phone unlock function, it is more convenient, you can directly send a temporary password in the past, use one or a few hours without password will be failure. Second, smart door lock than the mechanical lock has the better security performance, better able to put an end to happen feats of cases. Smart door lock at the beginning of the design, this is convenient and safe. Domestic often via technology lock chamber on criminals commit crime reports, the occurrence of these situations mainly because most of the families still use mechanical lock security coefficient is not high. At present domestic most of the mechanical lock, the padlock lock level is only A grade, A slight technical person with only 3 seconds faster could easily nondestructive to unlock, now already no keyhole on the market intelligence door lock, and use of double system design concept, also reached the standard of locks should be standby and emergency. So now on the market of smart door locks, rarely appears, technical to open the door, is more damaging to open the door, to the safety of the family household life add a guarantee. Smart door lock, convenient and safe, can avoid a lot of home is not convenient or unfortunate thing happened, as long as we are willing to spend a little time to know, want to spend a small amount of fees, more than willing to consider a little for family, is to provide a security for the whole family. Countries are strongly advocated intelligent hardware, smart home, intelligent lock of publicity and promotion, many cities real estate has been the standard smart door lock. In development in science and technology, the progress, the future every family can use intelligent fingerprint password lock is just around the corner, wish you as soon as possible for your home to install a smart door lock, also enjoy high-tech to bring security and convenient as soon as possible! Age in progress, anti-theft security locks on improving technology, and the thief also secretly to master more knowledge of the lock as a result, our people more need to keep up with the pace of The Times, distinguish themselves about the safety lock, in a safe at the same time, combined with their own situation, considering the convenience of daily life, in a timely manner to upgrade door lock, install more advanced lock or smart smart door lock!
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