Smart door lock so well, why there are so many people have scruples | |

by:Level      2020-07-03
Smart door lock is electronic products, unreliable? Why people will have scruples for smart door lock is feel insecure. If there's no electricity? Password leaked? Fingerprint access can't open the door? Sides: (1) intelligent door locks are now can use an external power source of emergency power supply, such as the common market of 9 v battery and mobile charger, this Yang batteries don't have to worry about dozen don't open the door. (2) is now a qualified smart locks will provide virtual multiple peeping prevention means such as a password. (3) the function of the smart door lock is not only the fingerprint features, and passwords, card, remote control and other functions. In conclusion, you can completely trust like smart phones, trust smart door lock. Smart door lock has a problem seek? After sales? Smart door lock is different from traditional lock usage is unitary, unless forget to take the key to picking, other times do not involve after-sales. But smart door locks, as technology products, hard to avoid can meet can't work, want to update hardware and so on. Certainty: do good smart door lock brands at home and abroad, or all qualified brand of intelligent door locks, will be equipped with a professional after-sales team, and throughout the site, any problem in the process of using smart door lock, can be solve in time. Smart door lock how so expensive? Broken? There are quite a number of people, feel smart door lock 23000 dollars is too expensive, after all, a traditional lock is how many money, and one thousand had been broken into, and love lock and there is a huge property losses. Certainty: smart door lock is the value of a sum of money you spend. It brings to family of reliable security guard is far more than the price itself. And smart locks are often used grade B, grade C lock core, security is much higher than traditional lock, will most smart door lock with alarm function, even if very extreme violence to open, it can also be time to start the alarm system. Still want to remind everybody, after choice guaranteed quality and after-sale, smart door lock brand with good reputation, not covet is cheap to mount a few hundred pieces of intelligent door locks, the economic consequences of the unreliable intelligence door lock can be heavy to one thousand times.
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