Smart door lock the battery can use how long? No electricity?

by:Level      2020-07-04
Smart door lock through convenient opening and safer design and conform to the fashion the appearance of the received consumers like, many consumers take smart door locks installed at home. But many people don't know much, to its intelligence door lock is needed, driven by the batteries to replace a battery can use how long? The current intelligent locks have two kinds of power supply mode, is a kind of alkaline batteries, the other for lithium battery. At present most of the smart locks factory factory smart door locks, hotel lock and apartment lock, etc. , are based on dry cell as the power supply mode, dry cell can carry four or eight section, usually lasts for about a year. Note that after the low battery remind, replace the batteries do not mix old and new battery, not a mixture of different brands. While using lithium battery power supply of the intelligent locks basic for fully automatic intelligent lock, because of its high power consumption of the automatic intelligent lock, lithium battery to meet the needs of the power supply, ensure that the door of normal use. Whether to use dry cell or lithium battery, in under the condition of no electricity, can through the USB interface to external emergency power supply complete open temporary power supply.
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