Smart door lock the current market situation and development trend of the future how to

by:Level      2020-07-04
From the point of the domestic industry market, security doors, security door weight proportion in category market is gradually growing trend, brand of security doors and exit rise will occupy a large market. So for security doors and exit, the current market situation and development trend of the future how to? And intelligent household in the growing market demand, kinds of industry to enter the intelligent pattern, from the Angle of door manufacturers, whether the customer is the real estate industry, intelligent door locks can rise the standard management, easy to use and the function of the compression cost. From a consumer point of view, in today's family life growing, safe and convenient door lock products become a pressing need. In the pursuit of high quality at the same time, more need to keep pace with The Times of the product, even at high prices mail-order smart door lock from abroad. Thus it can be seen that modern door industry to provide supporting intelligent household door lock products, has been a large market demand. Group ( A subsidiary) Jiangmen intelligent technology co. , LTD. , in view of the industry market this year, all stainless steel casting panel was launched, advanced fingerprint head protection window, durable - 918 6 series intelligent door locks, have fire prevention, guard against technology, open function, cost-effective price can satisfy the demand of industry vendors compression cost, and can let customers convenient experience cutting-edge intelligent life. 380 mm long stainless steel panel design atmosphere, broke the limitations of previous electronic lock products, let the life experience have plenty of room to improve. Under the category of the future market competition, customer demand for intelligent product. Door industry to seek innovation and development, must form a complete set of excellent intelligence door lock to be able to transition, can better adapt to market demand, has directly replace the existing standard security doors, with atomic lock core, super anti-theft - 918 Six series intelligent door locks, and smart door locks, from big to details everywhere highlight fashion and unique temperament, must be a good choice. Frame good strategic cooperation, will be to lock industry towards a new field, in exchange for the win-win situation of intelligent era.
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