Smart door lock the development of the market analysis

by:Level      2020-07-03
As the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data technology matures and is widely used, plus capital booster, intelligent household industry, become a new industry forces. Smart door lock is one of the representative product of smart home industry, development potential is very huge, smart door locks in 2017 output value of more than ten billion yuan, the market size is close to 8 million, 2020 smart door lock market scale will reach 40 million. Smart door lock is a typical Internet system, the whole system is composed of perception layer, transport layer and application layer, including smart door lock device, intelligent home gateway, mobile phone APP and cloud services and other components. The transport layer and application layer technology for the existing Internet technology, relatively mature and stable. The main means in the perception layer, user authentication are fixed password, temporary password, fingerprint, palmprint, face, RFID, NFC and APP, near field access technology mainly include WIFI, bluetooth, Zigbee, 433 MHZ and 315 MHZ. Smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical lock on the basis of improvement of door lock, in user security, identification and management is more intelligent and handle locks. In a broad sense, has a fingerprint door lock, password lock, bluetooth locks or APP any functions such as the Internet lock locks can be referred to as smart door lock. According to the data, according to a study in 2017 sales of about 8 million sets of smart door lock, industry output value of more than 10 billion yuan, in 2016, on the basis of achieved double growth, is expected to continue to double in 2018. By the end of June 2018, 400 million households in China smart door lock permeability at about 5%, to 30 million B end operating lease apartment permeability at about 10%, the future development space is huge. By 2020, our country intelligence door lock will be sold in more than 40 million sets, the size of the market will exceed 40 billion yuan. 2018, 2019 and 20203 will be the development of intelligent door locks gold for three years, to 2022, 400 million households in China smart locks penetration will reach 35%, reaching the level of Europe and the United States in 2018, the apartment on the permeability will exceed 50%.
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