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by:Level      2020-07-04
Intelligence in the era of society, many intelligent products has begun to replace traditional equipment, smart door lock is currently one of the hot products of. No longer need to wear the mechanical key to open the lock, fingerprint, password, CARDS, mobile phones can be used as the key to open the door. But don't know much about the part of the consumer for smart door locks, will enter a lot of misunderstanding, let's look at you in the article? 1. Function, the better the more many businesses make smart door lock key in function, with the function of the pattern to attract consumers, and make it better lock function, the more intelligent, ignored its security. Function, the more its stability is poor, prone to failure, the user experience. 2. Looks good level design on the tall class now society is after 80, 90, as the main body, to the level of physical appearance more picky, appearance on their ability to attract high levels of items. Some manufacturers for cost reasons, to look into more, but to cut corners, internal parts though fashion and good-looking, but its quality is ugly. 3. Foreign products are better than domestic earlier, although foreign product development is relatively mature, but its designed for customers to design their nation, does not apply to us, although can also be used, but for our living habits do not match, use more difficult. And domestic design of intelligent door locks are based on national conditions and people's living habits to design, more comfortable and convenient, use natural.
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