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by:Level      2020-08-01
The media have been described wisdom hotel: & other; You walk quietly, just as you come quietly, wave, don't even need to see the front desk. ” For the hotel industry, there are a lot of people in the mobile Internet connection and service, hotel consumption O2O mode through WeChat reservation, APP booking has realized the closed-loop ground. WeChat APP to open locks are realized, and equipment of intelligent conversation. Imagine a small qr code brings to life the upheaval has enough to become the identity of The Times change, so, in the service industry to intelligent today, especially in implements the big chain system of comprehensive service industries, if satisfied with only WeChat control TV, curtain, lighting, locks, that's really OUT. Although in recent years the development of intelligent lock has been focus in first-tier cities, but recently thrown the wisdom of the hotel concept is quite & other; Pick up & throughout; : in the future, when the guest came to the hotel, shake mobile phone, reservation will open the door, I is according to the social platform in his habit and check-in in the history of the collected experience and advance construction breath: like the corridor lights and bedside lights, the TV play is his favorite program, or even a mobile phone haven't chase through a video switch directly to the TV. The way on a cell phone & other; Open air conditioning & throughout; , the temperature of the air conditioning that send out he likes, the tub of hot water temperature is just right. If the guest feel comfortable hotel pillow, cushion for leaning on the hardness of love, the design of the glass is very artistic breath, hard and soft comfort of the bed is a fitting, he just by an intelligent integrated application platform, can scan the qr code on these items directly, online selection & other; With the model & throughout; And pay the bill. Maybe the guest hasn't got home, the item has been sent to the home.
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