Smart door locks, lock of bring security to the home

by:Level      2020-07-05
Often seen in the modern drama, the characters are used to home in the smart door locks, actually not only on the TV, life, intelligence door lock has entered the most family life. Smart door lock not only on safety is better than the traditional mechanical locks, and all kinds of alarms is at the bottom of the screen to make a safe level. Smart door lock Z8, already beautiful security intelligence door lock. Break the traditional style, even to go out, can also be smart APP by ali, remote monitoring, paying attention to family to go out into the information. When guests the door, no one at home, can pass WeChat small programs, the remote authorization to send a temporary password, do not need to wait. Fingerprint unlocked is daily use more way, but smart door lock Z8 is not only a fingerprint to unlock this a way, and passwords, credit card, mechanical, remote control keys, free choice. You may be worried about its security issues, this is redundant. Using semiconductor fingerprint biometric technology, living, can effectively prevent false fingerprints; C grade 304 stainless steel with thick lock body lock collocation, make the thief don't laid hands on him; Along with a variety of security alarms, such as the trial run alert: when fingerprints or password input error more than five times, the screen automatically enter a state of lock, alarm at the same time; Multi-level security Settings: can set various validation unlock way, namely for the fingerprint + password, fingerprint + + swipe card, password, etc. , to go out on a business trip or travel, no worries; Low voltage alarm: when battery power is insufficient, remind promptly replace the battery; A key to escape: indoor door just down the handle. If you have special situation immediately leave. If you want to install a safety performance is high, the function of practical convenience, at the same time with the high level of intelligence door lock in appearance, the smart door lock Z8 is your choice!
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