Smart era, a lock to protect a home

by:Level      2020-08-05
For intelligent lock, many people may be more familiar. But have seen a variety show, should be a little impression on the smart home system, no matter how far away from home, as long as the cell phone in hand, everything can be mastered. Though you cannot make so cool one pace reachs the designated position in the house, but at least to set a small goal, such as to get a smart lock. Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, intelligent lock has three obvious advantages. A, cloud intelligence more human intelligence lock is a blend of machinery, electronics, cloud computing and other high-tech, its intelligent system can realize intelligent monitoring, remote alarm functions. Family and whereabouts, through the cloud delivery directly to the mobile client, child safety got home after school? Parents go out forget to lock the door? A maid is on time to clean? 。 。 。 。 。 。 Even in the outside, safety in the home also is in our hands. Added mass fingerprint and password change system, can add many people at the same time the fingerprint, and change the password at any time. In addition to the fingerprint lock, we have five kinds of a way to open the door, the voice lock, password lock, unlock phone APP, IC card lock, the key to open the lock. Each family member's fingerprint information has exclusive nickname, can use any way to unlock, to my friend's trust, is to lock him into intelligent security list, give him of his right to call on you at any time. Intelligent lock's built-in intelligent induction module can accurately identify various illegal means to open, someone is trying to illegally broken into, once detected immediately locking electronic switch, at the same time sent 90 decibels alarm sound, horns and alarm messages sent to the remote host on the phone, you can decide whether to call the police, according to specific situation to further strengthen the safety of home. Second, hidden lock safer as is known to all, the traditional mechanical lock the door must use the matching key, once the key is missing, may be not hair molecules are exploiting the loopholes. Second, the traditional mechanical lock lock is exposed directly, if the targeted by some thieves with mechanical lock structure, they can easily through the keyhole to destroy the whole framework of lock, protect home security the first line of defense can instantly collapse. But smart lock is different, it does not appear the lock hole position, control systems are also hidden within the safety door, need to use fingerprints or password to open the door. Lost the key no trouble, also need not worry about malicious damage by thieves, higher security. In addition, the fingerprint entry using biometric technology, need induction finger temperature, grain, blood flow to various physiological characteristics, such as identification, has the characteristics of the irreplaceable, unable to replicate. Three, hands free more convenient the most intuitive reflect the convenience of intelligent lock is go out don't have to take the key, a lot of key light weight also afraid of losing, carry up more inconvenience. Running in the morning exercise in his pocket always rattled, go out walking the dog will have to vacate a hand to take the key, holiday always worry about my keys in the outside. 。 。 。 。 。 Using smart lock can completely avoid the embarrassing situation, make life easier and more convenient. Besides hands free, to the pursuit of fashion love of the young people of science and technology, intelligent lock gave them more special experience that occupy the home. Along with the development of the intelligent hardware, intelligent lock with the advantages of its security, smart, convenient, will replace the traditional mechanical locks lock security upgrades, led the Chinese family in advance into the era of intelligent life.
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