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by:Level      2020-07-05
As the Internet, cloud computing and the innovation and development of the intelligent processing technology, the Internet of things started following the computer, the Internet and mobile communication network after another wave of industry, smart home as a field of tuyere, inspired each big technology companies. The intelligent fingerprint lock is developing at a surprising speed, in traditional lock industry innovation at the same time, haier, dahua, hai kang, zte, lenovo in various fields such as giant followed with strong capital to enter, to carve up billions of market, industry in the sanguo dynasty. Intelligent fingerprint lock is acknowledged as the breakthrough for the development of smart home, not only because of its outstanding performance in the ascension home safety and convenient performance, but also because in today's intelligent household market has not wake up, under the situation of many kinds of intelligent products only smart locks for success, also can take root, and rise in the future market space is very large, compared to other intelligent product more easily realized, so the intelligent lock by the fans it is not surprising. While lenovo choice under the background of the major companies almost into the intelligent lock industry, which are all for future smart home market. Nowadays, intelligent fingerprint lock as a breakthrough for the development of smart home industry, is in the development & other; Dividends throughout the &; , but this does not mean that all brands can & other; Hundred qifang & throughout; . On the contrary, with the continuous development of the market, the product quality excellent brand can be based on the heel in the industry, of course the deepening after-sales service is also a necessary guarantee to the smart home market further developing.
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