Smart home is more and more fire, fingerprint lock as an entry-level products safe? | |

by:Level      2020-07-05
A lot of people have a question: is it safe to fingerprint lock? Fingerprint lock out propaganda is intelligence and security functions and powerful, but hundreds of yuan and several thousand yuan, the lock is the same function, as well as propaganda, whether the barbie doll? Fingerprint lock security or not, according to the ability to identify the fingerprint lock. The ability to identify the fingerprint lock precision mainly depends on its built-in recognition software algorithm. The principle of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock the touch screen to extract the visitors of the fingerprint, the fingerprint information feedback will fingerprint lock the server, the server to mobilize various algorithms to analyze the fingerprint, and with it compare the user's fingerprint stored in the system, and then the comparison results are quantitative, above a certain value, if the similarity will think two fingerprints is the same, it returns an agreed to open the door's instructions, otherwise, they refused to open the door. Fingerprint lock is smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and the crystallization of modern hardware technology. Fingerprint features become important evidence of identification and widely used in public security police and judicial field. Fingerprint authentication has the characteristics of convenient, fast, accurate,. It involves two aspects: one is the high accuracy of fingerprint lock acquisition & ndash; — Fingerprint lock, the other is the fingerprint algorithm, relationship to the fingerprint lock unlock speed. Now on the market of fingerprint lock basically use is zinc alloy material, has the function of high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, anticorrosion, usually applied in household; Office space, and 304 stainless steel lock body, but also has the function of fire prevention, prevent to pry; Super class B lock opening is 270 minutes, even let the thief can be seamlessly drill. So the fingerprint lock safe? The answer is yes.
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