Smart home near the average consumer is not on whole, intelligent household true 'civilian' is still need some time to | |

by:Level      2020-07-05
A lot of people to the public of the smart home & other; Its only, not the smell of, not used throughout the &; Strangeness to many intelligent household equipment itself is not mature, poor user experience, such as smart home network is not stable, easily disturbed, sometimes very trouble, and the installation and use also have certain difficulty, is not easy to general user acceptance and so on. These factors may affect the public consumer desire, but also is not the main reason for the smart home can't walk into civilian homes. What's more, with the Internet of things, cloud computing and the development of wireless communication technology, intelligent household equipment than a few years ago have obvious progress. Problem is, in many enterprises introduce good quality products, but still can't get consumption & other; Visit & throughout; , why? Not to give consumers household environment can bring important change is not interested in smart home, and not interested in but can't afford to buy, use, this is also a smart home only very busy but hard to rapidly democratized important reasons. Several thousand dollars if a smart door lock, users may prefer to choose more troublesome keys to open the door, also don't want to use mobile phones to open; If a smart bulb hundreds of yuan, the user would use only the bulb lighting function; And if a smart appliances tens of thousands of yuan, the estimate is not most consumers are able to accept. Most products are not accepted, which come of civilian to change again? Only a good user experience? Obviously also not too realistic, consumers do need products with good experience, but more needs to be able to afford, or everything is lost, the smart home will continue to stay in luxury level.
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