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by:Level      2020-07-06
Fingerprint combination lock, network digital surveillance, infrared security with the continuous improvement of living standard, people to be resided to the home security is becoming more and more attention, more and more intelligent household security products on the market. Before selling in the fingerprint combination lock and the price also in previous years frequently WuLiuQian, tens of thousands of yuan to one thousand yuan now products are everywhere. Smart home security and practical? Products supporting a key and smart home full use to promote the use of the user viscosity. Owners can through the touch screen, remote observation anytime and anywhere indoor closed-circuit monitoring points of the image, and support video playback function; Multiple line protection, once encounter an emergency, the system will automatically alarm, and connecting the master, content canal telephone, to help capture without permission of the intruder. Household infrared alarm and remote control mode? When thieves from the gate into the door sensor to detect abnormal immediately send signals to the host; Through the window into the curtain type infrared detector to detect abnormal signals immediately sent to the host. When host after receiving signal, start alarm deter criminals, alarm system at the same time can also be called user pre-made called and several groups of alarm telephone number or send text messages to the user. Intelligent security products on the market at present most of the usage scenario is relatively single, work mode cannot be changed, as a set play, work with idealized pattern willing to catch a thief. While the priest climbs a post, while the priest climbs a post, the feet, however, the thief would not content to be an actor, a single model easy to be cracked, if unable to adjust measures to local conditions according to their custom security model bedroom scene, the function of security equipment can only say it's better than nothing. In addition to infrared security and remote monitoring, intelligent fingerprint password lock has become the choice of ordinary common people. Smart locks on the market at present main products are password card lock, password, fingerprint lock. High-end fingerprint lock alarm, mobile phones have stress contour safety lock and unlock SMS defence function that occupy the home, the end of last year, the sales of smart locks into China, in a fashion image greatly reduces the intelligent lock threshold, products in addition to the can intelligent mobile phone remote control door lock, also equipped with traditional keys and small keyboard, let not use smartphones children and the elderly to open a door lock need for smart phones
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