Smart home strong wave hit, fingerprint combination trend

by:Level      2020-07-05
Smart home based application in family life, daily life directly affects the broad residents, especially the fingerprint combination lock has a broad market prospect. According to media reports, smart home industry is developing rapidly, increasing at the rate of 20% every year, estimates that by 2015 the industry output value will reach 125 billion yuan. Intelligent household in China for nearly 12 years of history, it gradually become popular in the people to buy a house, decorate. Have been struck with the heat of smart home products, many enterprises and with the specialty of smart home, some buildings, luxury villa are intelligent systems have been installed in accordance with different requirements, time, intelligent household blustery, a prairie fire. Fingerprint combination lock fingerprint combination lock, as a major component of smart home, also get active development in the wave, even has a tendency to be leading intelligent household products. Industry insiders speculated that a few years in the future, as consumers the ascension of the cognition of the fingerprint combination lock, fingerprint combination lock market for fingerprint recognition, as well as the sales network of the comprehensive construction, the waves of a fingerprint of fingerprint waves combination lock using the boom will be swept across the whole of China ordinary households. Fingerprint fingerprint combination lock the biological type of fingerprint identification technology is applied to daily locks, changed the traditional open methods, replace mechanical keys with fingerprints, not only saves your trouble, and door lock safety is guaranteed. Fingerprint fingerprint combination lock industry, for example, the fingerprint fingerprint products combination lock to beat international Biosuer9. 0 fingerprint recognition algorithm, the fingerprint uniqueness and sex, the combination of biological recognition technology research and development to produce a product in each rate boomed, and recognize the false rate reached the high scale, the other is equipped with a variety of alarm function, can also be equipped with security linkage and intelligent household linkage, and other functions, both to ensure the user to quickly open the door, can also big degree will be shut out of the outlaws, maintaining the user's personal safety and wealth. Fingerprint combination lock fingerprint combination lock as the lock security of a new generation of products, and attracts the attentions of the users and the industry and sought after. Just a few short years, fingerprint combination lock enterprise from the beginning of the 20 soared to 500 or so, production and sales are multiplied. Some big enterprises have special combination lock focus on fingerprint technology research and development and customer demand analysis, fundamentally enhance the fingerprint industry overall level, promote the development of the industry. Not only strongly enhance the fingerprint identification technology, has also invested in the appearance and performance design great scientific research strength, and on the user feedback has been adjusted and revised. Intelligent village and family intelligent of low functional requirement is to achieve comprehensive family house & quot; Guard against theft, disaster prevention, accident prevention & quot; The three functions. Combination lock and fingerprint match the technical innovation and industrial development of society and the demand for the development of security market intelligence, and improve the degree of people's family life, and to further supply safe security services for the community.
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