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by:Level      2020-06-30
Smart IC card hotel lock to bring many benefits to the hotel? 1, improve the hotel service quality, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce the loss of guest: there used to be a waiter in the service stage need to guard, its purpose is to open the door to the guest, so the waiter is very tired; Guests will also tired, especially when several group of guests such as a waiter at the same time a room is a room to open the door, is sometimes make a mistake, the waiter can't find the key to the guest and drink too much, often cause bad service situation, the key to the guest, and unsafe. And when using smart IC card on the hotel door lock, save trouble is much, need not again sent 24 hours at the reception desk, the guest himself to open the door, reducing the service complaints. 2, save the human cost, increase profits: hotel before each floor personnel arrangements must be considered when the waiter cleaning have to arrange a person to open the door, put on smart door locks, each floor can reduce 1 - at least 2 the waiter. Calculated at RMB 1000 / person, can save the cost of more than 12000 yuan a year. A year later, is purely save manpower cost, increase the profit. At the same time, when the guest check-in time expires, the door immediately unable to open, avoid guests stay, especially the permanent guest rent in arrears, increases the income. 3, greatly increases the security and reduce the incidence of malignant events: if a major safety accident, the hotel immediately face dilemma, door locks to ensure the safety of the hotel door, smart IC card hotel lock can memory lock information hundreds, against saws, with insert, pry proof, etc. Key card lost, not afraid not afraid of internal and external people copy. 4, increase the sales approach, reduced the advertising: IC card door lock can be printed on the card hotel the appearance of the image and contact phone number, etc. , can the card as a tool, development of a large number of members, with door lock discount card housing, etc
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