Smart locks, avoid safe hidden trouble!

by:Level      2020-07-31
Become a public concern in recent years, intelligent lock industry hotspot, but many consumers still wait to unclear intelligent lock's good? What he was a smart lock? Forgot to take my keys, you may have met, everyone's approach is not the same, it's not, some people make the unwise choice: case 1: a 30 - year - old woman because forget to bring my keys, and hurrying home to cook for my child, she decided to live the third floor from right upstairs neighbours, namely, tied with a rope from the 4 floor 'airborne' home, accidentally fell to the ground dead as a result, a tragedy! A happy family with burst! Case 2: likewise, due to the key in hubei as the blood lessons together! Hubei a grandma with 1 year old grandson went out and came home went under the floor to remember to forget to bring my keys. This grandpa ah, just throw the key from the 7 floor, as a result, the key objective to hit the grandson, nail clipper on key string into the child's skull, situation is very dangerous. 。 。 。 。 Through the above two cases, we can know in combination with the practical situation of his forgot to take my keys or key lost happens every day, and hold fluky psychology choose high altitude over the wall to turn over a window of home is not a few, but always bloody accident is inevitable. Therefore, why not change a smart lock, easier then for their own family and life. Fingerprint lock development already has more than 20 years, the intelligent lock on market perfect product performance, complete a variety of sources, greatly facilitates the household life of people, and don't need too much maintenance costs at the same time. First of all, the intelligent lock has at least two types of electronic lock, use more convenient, completely avoid the key problems. Intelligent lock generally have fingerprints, password in two ways, there are also some face unlock, mobile phone unlock, remote control lock, card lock and unlock. In front of the two types of lock basically met in daily life, family members can input fingerprints or face recognition to open the door, visit friends and relatives all of a sudden, the open can be told that their password. 。 。 。 。 。 A variety of lock, satisfy almost all the lock situation, will not cause by the key missing tragedy, even if the password leak, as long as master delete and change the password, don't need to bear in the lock. Second, intelligent lock than the mechanical lock has the better security performance, better able to put an end to happen feats of cases. Domestic often via technology lock chamber on criminals commit crime reports, the occurrence of these situations mainly because most families still use security coefficient of the lowest grade A mechanical lock. Fastest of skilled people simply lock could easily condition in 3 seconds, and intelligent lock equipped with anti-theft performance of the most powerful super class B, class C lock core, the thief can not open, even if the criminals to force the lock, intelligent lock also sounded the alarm. The safety and warning function damage criminals commit crime environment as much as possible, thus for the safety of the family household life add a guarantee. Including automatic push-pull intelligent lock by 8 has af fingerprint identification technology, with top ferrari car manufacturing materials - — Titanium alloy, the use of super subtle surface sandblasting + anode passivation colour, colour and lustre is gorgeous, super anti-fouling, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, surface decoration effect of 20 years do not fade. Super grade C electronic anti-theft lock core, technical opening automatic alarm, to ensure the security performance, comprehensive protection of household security. Everything from a user perspective, to unlock more intelligent, more convenient. Age in progress, anti-theft security locks on improving technology, and the thief to master more knowledge to unpick. Therefore, we need to keep up with the pace of The Times, more distinguish himself about the safety lock, in a safe at the same time, combined with their own situation, considering the convenience of daily life, in a timely manner to upgrade door lock, installation of more advanced lock or intelligent lock!
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