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by:Level      2020-07-05
As to the domestic real estate industry's recovery this year, a certain extent, led to the rapid development of smart door lock industry. The property market hot, there is an increasing demand for smart door lock. Domestic smart door lock products both in class, types and functions, etc. , all need to improve. Phone APP lock, face recognition, iris recognition of high technical content, such as intelligent smart locks have been listed, these are the result of the domestic intelligence door lock enterprise positive innovation. Smart door lock products and technology at home and abroad, intelligent locks the gold market is gradually send out a dazzling golden light. Although in the high-end smart door lock products has become a mainstream consumer market trend, but the whole industry want to the next level also need more efforts. Constantly improve the durability and decorative products, but also the development and application of new technologies, materials, energy saving, reduce pollution. Marketing also need to pay attention, increase the intensity of adjustment of product structure, choose standard point, the high-tech, high value-added smart door lock as a research and development, the implementation of the strategy, further enhance the brand awareness, improving quality management, strict quality standards.
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