Smart locks, leather whose life?

by:Level      2020-08-05
This is smart lock usage scenarios, in addition to convenient, security is also people choose smart lock one of the important factors. The emergence of every thing, will inevitably accompanied by the disappearance of the old things. Like smart phones, take out the function of machine and PHS, destroyed the machine empire; Gain ground, kill cameras, game consoles, savage let-down. Even once the remote control of home appliance, all kinds of household electrical appliances switch, and now the hot household camera control, have been integrated into small mobile phone. So, believe it or not, and whether you like it or not accept, this is now and the future trend. Like WeChat make SMS struggling, even when the mighty bank, has also been paying treasure to packed some breath; Like bleep, moved the traditional taxi cheese, that the government had to relevant regulations, to limit bleep crazy development. Smart locks appeared to overwhelming trend appeared, and has gradually into the thousands, more and more popular with young people, the most important is, pressure of mechanical lock also formed the city. Perhaps, you still waiting to see, but also for smart lock has all don't understand, or even a half will be difficult to eliminate misunderstanding; There is nothing wrong with your all doubts and don't understand, but you can't break it. You imagine, air conditioning has just appeared, a lot of people also think you, don't rest assured the quality, but now? Now everybody knows gree air conditioning? And who do not know the beautiful? Yet a very cheap electric fan, now can't escape the fate of elimination. So, when the trend comes, if unable to lead the trend, it is known for, can't be eliminated kodak, MOTOROLA and nokia anti-mugabe cannot do more. Therefore, not in front of the trend, become a elimination of modern people. If you are now also does intelligent lock, also don't want to use smart locks, but you can be sure is: you will be a variety of forgot to take my keys, and a variety of stolen after the helpless. Therefore, regardless of whether or not willing to use intelligent lock now, but it is anyone could not prevent the trend of the future, and throw away the key is just a matter of sooner or later. Since the intelligent lock is the development trend of the future, then we will back to the topic: who the leather for the smart lock's life? First of all, the intelligent lock to leather is a thief who made a living by burglary; Followed by those who stick to the rules, the feeling that you don't want to development and production of intelligent mechanical lock lock enterprise; Again, who are still in wait-and-see agents, distributors. The intelligent lock for people who make a difference? First of all, are those who dare to try, dare to believe that science and technology, to the first person to eat crab. The smart locks changed them? Of course change is the safety of the life that occupy the home, they brought them the intelligent life more convenient; Next, it is those who dedicated focus on intelligent lock production and research and development of people and businesses, as well as the related upstream and downstream enterprises, agents. So, no matter whether you accept smart locks, it is there, and one day you will leave it.
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