Smart locks, use an easy time of heartache, when buying a lifetime

by:Level      2020-08-06
Like a lot of people have to go out to forget to bring my keys, or locked outside the door. The real awkward situation, any way to crack? Of course, a performance through networking intelligent lock can embarrassment in invisible. What are the advantages of networked intelligent lock? A lot of people will still be hesitate when buying, whether to buy or not buy? Don't rush to make a decision, first let's look at below intelligent exactly what are the advantages of the lock. 1, cure ocd often after go out don't know whether I have a friend didn't lock the door. Especially they ask, 'did you lock the door? ', are the wind, along the way are uneasy. Sometimes, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder had to back to reconfirm some peace of mind. If the home use networking smart locks, go out conveniently on hand can go, and the general intelligent lock will be locked phone alarm function. If go out once in a while the door is not locked in place can't touch the latch lock, not induction lock, intelligent lock will prompt the user through the hum or voice. Networking smart locks, don't have to return home to see again, obsessions are cured. 2, more secure than you might think a qualified lock, the most important thing is to safeguard the life property safety. Against violence, the most intelligent locks are technical opening alarm function. At present, the networked intelligent lock has a mobile phone remote monitoring function. That is to say, even if the thief can unlock burglary, intelligent lock can also through remote monitoring photograph or video as evidence, convenient to call the police. 3, remote door more human life scenes like this are not uncommon, not at home when his relatives and friends came to visit, often let them close to home is waiting for before, but with smart lock can remote control intelligent lock to open the door for the visiting guests. Old person or child inconvenience when I opened the door in the home, both outside and inside, can yourself or let children through remote app to open the door, very convenient. 4, the door can also look at permissions home smart door lock has a powerful user information management background, are free to add/modify/delete user information, you can allow or block certain people to enter. For example, when the nanny moved, can immediately delete their fingerprints, so they will have no permission to open the door anymore. Security is only part of the home security, a mechanical lock can only help you to do a good job of guard against theft, but has a strong function of networking smart locks, not only can bring more excellent anti-theft, still can prevent and eliminate many risks, to create more value for you and your family with a sense of security.
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