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by:Level      2020-07-04
Smart door locks in our daily life and security and has a wide range of applications. But how to choose appropriate in numerous brands of smart door lock, it is the subject of concern. In choosing a smart door lock as far as possible choose brand, the long history, although the function is not necessarily good, but is relatively stable and reliable quality. Then is to shop around, see word of mouth, see price, appearance, cost-effective comprehensive comparison choice. The following is to choose the four common sense of smart door lock 1, check whether intelligence door lock unlock function normal operation of general intelligence door lock with the lock function includes the following: fingerprint, password, CARDS, keys; How to judge this smart door lock quality is good, we can test the points: recognition, fingerprint recognition precision of sensitivity, key lock core level, if in use process, the along while have no reaction, fingerprint recognition, often this smart door lock quality is not pass. 2 and understand the power consumption of the intelligent door locks, and if there is a low power alarm function a good smart door locks, should be low power consumption, 4 5 batteries should be able to use more than one year. And when the power is too low, can have alarm prompt, can also use a dozen times. Better intelligence door lock, will through the phone APP to alert users to call too low. 3, observe whether the locks of the surface of the material and plating uniform intelligent door locks on market now common materials are zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Comprehensive comparison>> stainless steel zinc alloy aluminum alloy; Door lock surface must be uniform and protective lacquer, so smart door lock will not be affected by corrosion appearance. 4, press the hand to open door lock is flexible, smooth hand gently press force can put a hand, let go of hand return to normal. On oil lubrication, all mechanical transmission can not rely on compact mechanical connection, such as on oil lubrication oil once after long time use after drying, the door will frequent breakdowns. Should also have a free design for protection.
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