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by:Level      2020-08-04
With the development of science and technology, smart home market matures, people's consumption concept has changed, more and more attention to improving the quality of the life, and the safety of family life, particularly traditional locks have been unable to meet the needs of the masses. The smart locks related to household linkage scene, constitutes the first line of defense of home security. Smart door locks, are helpful to eliminate the home security hidden danger? Smart door lock, can no longer take the keys. Go out without the key or the key was stolen don't have to wait for friends or family to open the door at home. Smart door locks, fingerprint lock technology living creature, peep the phantom password, intelligent alarm system, unique anti-theft lock hole, class C anti-theft lock core, stainless steel lock body, such as multiple anti-theft system, greatly satisfy the needs of families to security. Compared with ordinary mechanical lock smart door locks, what advantage? The traditional mechanical lock function is biggest security pry proof, guardian family property safety. The lock on the market now XinJi are mostly class A, class B, class B, different levels, anti-theft time is different also. Many users don't know, still use level lower mechanical lock, there is great potential safety hazard. Smart door lock level is currently adopted by the security level of the highest grade C anti-theft lock core, technical opening need to more than 270 minutes, when external damage to lock body, also will automatically trigger the alarm is ringing, can even timely notification message to the user's phone, dual protection safety in the home. What kind of smart door lock unlock methods are there? There are many means smart door lock, support fingerprint lock, password lock, card lock, APP remote unlock, combination lock, key lock unlock a variety of ways. The password to unlock the snapshot of phantom password function, facilitate the children and the old man's daily operation. Smart door lock the old man a child can use? Smart old children can use the lock. Now in the market mainstream fingerprint identification is capacitive fingerprint identification ( Don't shine) , similar to our mobile fingerprint identification and the recognition rate is higher, higher security. Smart door lock using semiconductor fingerprint recognition, continuous touch, the sensitivity is very high. OLED perspective all LCD screen card lock induction area, 180 degrees of reversing a lock out, don't worry about unable to identify and not into the house. The power of the smart door lock problem how to solve? Smart door lock is given priority to with battery power, and is equipped with a USB charging port, can charge the battery through charging treasure. And at low power, wisdom door lock will be reminded. If before charging, battery changes due to special circumstances, can use the spare key to unlock. Not appear in the door. Door lock is household security line of defense, is the first home security protection, to strengthen the function of family anti-theft door lock of guard against theft, smart door lock is not only good to buy, and daily maintenance is also very important. Below give you a set of intelligent door locks maintenance features, please! Forbid not professional maintenance techniques: the first type of disassembly, smart door locks to much complex internal structure than other traditional locks, containing a variety of complicated high-tech electronic components, if you don't understand of the product, had better not to remove. Maintenance techniques: the second type in daily life, the majority of users at the closing, always push the door into the door frame, this will increase the lock tongue friction, reduce service life of the intelligent door locks. The correct use of the method is: in closing, should rotate handle and let the door lock tongue indentation, and then the door closed, loosen the hand again. Maintenance techniques: smart door lock after using for a long time, the third type of fingerprint identification acquisition window surface may damp or stained with dirt, when this happens, with a clean and dry soft cloth to wipe gently. Don't hang anything smart door lock of the handle. The handle is the key part of the lock, even if time is not long, more will make the handle caton or loose. Maintenance techniques: the fourth type smart door lock is a mechanical lock, standby unlock one way, long time no mechanical key to open the door, there might be key plug. You can put up a graphite powder in slot on the lock core or pencil powder normal to ensure that the key to open the door. But can't disorderly add lubricating oil, because oil is easy sticky ash, after the lock will slowly accumulated dust, easy to form oil be bored with child, and affect the normal use. Maintenance techniques: don't let the fifth type smart door lock panel contact with corrosive substances, that would destroy the smart door lock panel protective layer, effects on the oxidation of gloss or surface coating. Further affect intelligence door lock, the internal structure of lead to smart door lock safety problems. Maintenance techniques: 6 type door lock is the contact most frequently in our daily life, with long time will affect the normal use, the proposal checks once half a year or one year, check the fastening screw loose at the same time, to ensure that the fastening; And so on, to ensure that smart door lock to normal use. Smart door lock maintenance lies in the daily life of dribs and drabs, these methods may not be able to deal with all problems, if smart locks appeared any questions, can contact at any time after-sales personnel, we'll send professional door-to-door service for you. Our service tenet is: customer, lifelong maintenance!
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