Smart sauna lock should avoid traps

by:Level      2020-08-07
With the advance of the 21st century society, intelligent lock market hot, has become the modern household safety essential a equipment, intelligent lock wholesale agent becomes hot, join manufacturer also many smart locks on the market, so we joined in choosing a smart locks should need to avoid some misunderstanding, so you can buy more suitable intelligent lock. The following technology is to introduce the intelligent lock should steer clear of traps. Myth: the function, the better the more powerful many businessmen have been emphasized their products, for consumers to natural mistakenly assume that the more intelligent lock function is better, the stand or fall of a good smart lock is not function, the more the better, depends on the user's actual experience, function more, the failure of the product is more, the performance will appear unstable condition, the user experience will be relatively poor, numerous useless function design, in addition to playing stunts in sales, in the final sales is only consumes the user's patience. Erroneous zone 2: foreign brands are better than soil brand new brand in the intelligent lock with a product history longer, more experience. However, foreign brands of smart lock is designed for the customers to use, it is often difficult to meet local consumer groups 'national conditions'. Can be obvious, for example, in the old baby is our country most of the members of the family structure, the design of the foreign brands most is not to consider this, only has to adapt to the young and middle-aged group lock mode, the home for the elderly and children novel ways are often confused about what to do. Myth 3: the 'tall' the appearance design of the class in the intelligent locks homogeneity serious conditions, some manufacturers hope to make up for the function in the appearance of mediocrity. Best of its costly complex capabilities, on the other hand, the appearance of tedious design makes itself into the performance and quality to reduce, on the one hand, even if only for appearance, aesthetic level and it is worthy of concern. Myth: no mechanical lock core intelligent lock safer now some vendors trying to discard the traditional mechanical lock, switch to automatic switch, electronic lock we can never predict the electronic function is when and what conditions will be failure, perhaps is the next second, power outages, short circuit, electronic crack, and so on are always can let the door lock. Right, smart locks and the double advantage of mechanical lock, build can let consumer absolutely safe intelligent lock. www。 weiguyun。 com​
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