Spring has come, fingerprint combination lock industry 2 - March the Midwest property market soared 40%, the Midwest will become a new growth fingerprint combination lock market

by:Level      2020-07-10
On February this year sales Numbers, affected by the regulation policy for purchasing a second-tier cities, three or four line city real estate sales growth is greatly increased. New data shows that the eastern region commercial housing sales of 664. 5 billion yuan, the growth of 15. The growth rate fell 23%, 7%. 44 in central commercial housing sales of 207. 3 billion yuan, growth. 1% and increase growth of 5. 4%. In the western region commercial housing sales of 208. 8 billion yuan, 49. Growth increased 5%, 31. 2%. For some time, a second-tier cities affected by regulation policy, real estate growth will slow further; And in the country to inventory under positive policies to promote, such as three or four line city real estate market growth rate is expected to sustained growth. The combination lock industry refers to the fingerprint, a second-tier market has become increasingly slow, three or four line market will become a new growth point. Three or four line city real estate market recovery, not only benefit from the country to inventory policy, at the same time by overflow returning home buyers, a second-tier purchasing power drive and the reverse flow of the population effects of industrial structure adjustment. Guotai junan securities institute believes that part of the core cities has entered the phase of industrial upgrading, production efficiency low low-end industries to three or four line city adjustment, give way to the third industry, followed by secondary adjustment of population structure. A second-line property market in the short term capital and demand spillover, mid-term and long-term industry shift to three or four line city, under the trend of three or four line city ( Especially around the core city) Warming trend expected to continue. E-house research institute, a think-tank, research director at YanYue predicts that in March of this year there will be introduced, including cities, all kinds of city or upgrade the property market regulation policies, especially some hot two lines and three cities. Therefore, the future purchasing power of three or four line city will gradually strengthen, this is a good news for fingerprint combination lock industry. In this year's & other; The government work report & throughout; , the prime minister li keqiang pointed out that there are still more, three or four line city real estate inventory to support residents live in HeJinCheng staff housing demand. The town there are tens of millions of people live in conditions of shabby shantytowns, to continue. To finish this year housing reconstruction shantytown 6 million sets, continue to develop public rental housing, adjust measures to local conditions to improve monetized resettlement ratio, strengthening the construction of infrastructure and public services, let more housing difficult family farewell shantytowns, let the people in the live center to create a new life. Insist on housing residential properties, enough to see the government to solve the high real estate prices, and inventory decision, and China's real estate stocks are mainly concentrated in the Midwest. According to relevant data show that China's fingerprint combination lock industry penetration rate is still less than 5%, the north shenzhen eastern markets such as fingerprint combination lock accounted for more than 80% market share, and less than 20% market share in the Midwest. So in the national urbanization, supply side structural reforms and & other; Insist on housing residential properties throughout the &; Good policy, related to the Midwest will become new growth point of fingerprint combination lock industry.
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