Standard security doors, with atomic lock core, super anti-theft will create new areas

by:Level      2020-07-31
In recent years, developers take the initiative to seek cooperation with intelligent household enterprises obtained the very good effect, high intelligent household fine decoration MeiGuanHua and intelligent, become decoration companies and designers are looking for a new design elements, the new luminescent spot, for the soft value of real estate development. With intelligent fine decoration to improve, people also will increase demand for intelligent products, intelligent fine decoration for residents to have a direct impact, will be the first intelligent fingerprint password lock, intelligent home appliances and other household items. Fingerprint combination lock will also change the residents' consumption patterns at the same time, improve the quality of life of residents. Smart locks crafted, variety, there is even no key open optical, biological recognition combination lock. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology operation monitoring and coordination bureau deputy director Gao Sumei thinks, intelligent fingerprint password locks has obtained the industry and enterprise, and include the user's extensive attention, and became an important part of smart home. Fingerprint password class door lock support password lock, fingerprint lock, while retaining the traditional key to unlock, let many people feel convenient. Store 175 fingerprints, grouping management can be realized, the atmosphere of the 380 mm long stainless steel panel design, simple sense is dye-in-the-wood, advanced algorithm, touch screen, the 12 digits 0 led display, directly replace the existing standard security doors, with atomic lock core, super anti-theft, let it become a star in the field of smart home products. Housing decorate in household has yearned for the direction of digitalization and networking, integration, fine decoration abandoned the single fine decoration of the magnificent stack, but rather to leave the house in the high-end line, the process combines the three nets fusion technology, the Internet of things, and the application of 3 g and other technology, reflects the living environment of human nature, intelligence, simplicity, etc. In today's real estate market development, digital and networked intelligence is decorated also ushered in the new opportunity. According to the classification standard of real estate qualification, smart home can differentiate a targeted market, create custom service, if smart real estate developers can be the best approach for fingerprint door lock manufacturers, seek common development, will promote the popularity of smart home.
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